Nore Inovasi Work Space Expansion 2023

Established in October 2019, Nore Innovation began its journey from a rental house. Two founders Noer (CEO) and Daniel (CTO) were inspired to start a business together by a show called Rich Man, Poor Woman. The two friends then recruited a small group of staff into the team and began selling website development services.

While the business was still very new, COVID-19 hit. So many aspects of the world were affected by it. A lot of companies went bankrupt and had to take extreme measures to lay off their employees due to income shortage. Similar problems happened to Nore. Orders were very scarce and income was very low. The team kept trying to be productive in the midst of the crisis and released a mobile game for Android called ‘Parcel Run’ in 2020.

Despite the challenges, Nore Innovation grew and became even better. Number of clients was significantly increasing. Nore then released more IT services to cover the market needs. Beside website services, Nore also worked on system and app development as well as digital marketing.

The amount of staff increased along with the business growth. The team then moved to a co-working space in SETOS and not long after that moved to an office space on SETOS Semarang ground floor. Started with only 5 people, Nore is now operating with more than 30 employees.

To accommodate the team, phase I of the office expansion was carried out in 2021. Then in October 2023, Nore underwent another major expansion and the space can now hold up to 50 employees. Besides work space, the office is now equipped with 2 meeting rooms, spacious pantry, sports area for pingpong, and a staff break room with gaming facilities and room for prayers.

The upgraded office is divided into some main areas, the lobby and meeting room, developer playground, pantry, office for other staff members, and a separated CEO office. With this expansion, Nore hopes to be able to provide a more comfortable work area for the team and better experience for the clients visiting for consultations.

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